Benefit from a comprehensive service!

Thanks to regular inspections and maintenance of parts, your system will run smoothly at its full capacity. You can count on our support in this respect!


Reliability of your logistic vehicles is under our control!


Our service technicians will take care of the problem comprehensively and quickly. You only need to report the need for repair or replacement of components. We will take care of the rest.

Why should you use our service of intralogistics vehicles?

We have spare parts for both our vehicles and other forklift brands. Our service technicians are trained in repairs regardless of manufacturer.

We have 4 service points in various locations in Poland: we respond to each report immediately.

We provide both warranty and post-warranty service. We will not leave anyone without help.

Depending on your needs, we offer:

Emergency service


That is, on request. You contact us when you need the support of a service technician: an emergency repair or delivery of a spare part. We will arrive as soon as possible. If you need quick help once in a while, this option is for you.


Service agreement


This is a program of ongoing, full maintenance of your system with a long-term focus. First, we will discuss your needs, assess the frequency of our activities, and agree on the terms of the partnership. Choose this option if you want to completely outsource servicing of your vehicles to an external company and avoid getting stressed about it all the time.

Logistic train service