An intralogistics system
must be tailored to your needs,
not you to the system.

We perfectly understand that even the smallest details can affect efficiency. If we cannot find solutions in our portfolio that will translate into a real improvement of your plant, we will design a dedicated system from scratch. Our design department, consisting of qualified engineers and scientists from Poznan University of Technology, will develop vehicles adapted to individual conditions.

What does the process of creating a dedicated system look like?


Needs analysis


We get to know the conditions and operating principles of your plant, we discuss your needs, we make the necessary measurements, and perform analyses.




Based on the collected data, our engineers create a design of your system and vehicles.




We manufacture the first trains and trucks for your plant.




Prototypes are tested in your company. We analyze whether they meet all the requirements. If not, we adapt the design and improve the vehicles.


Serial production


When the system model runs like clockwork, we start producing trains and trucks in the target quantity.

design and construction of logistic trains