We specialise in modern intralogistics systems.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

Who are we at Atres?


For 20 years we have been developing intralogistics capabilities and helping our Clients solve the problems that prevent them from moving upwards. We supply ready-made equipment to factories and warehouses, and design dedicated logistic tugger trains, trucks, and transport platforms.


We look for the simplest possible solutions – in line with Leonardo da Vinci’s maxim. Simplicity makes our intralogistic system of tugger trains so efficient and translates into tangible results: improved operation of the Client’s plant, trouble-free and safe work, and reduction of costs.


What is our advantage?


We have built our own design department, consisting of qualified specialists. So we have total control over the vehicles that leave our factory. We design them ourselves, paying attention to the smallest details. Our engineers make necessary calculations, and measurements and perform tests. Each stage, from the first sketches to the implementation of the intralogistic system at the Client’s plant, takes place under their watchful eye.


What we do is based on three pillars.



We take advantage of the opportunities offered by progress. Technology should serve humanity, and in our case, business. Modernization means a more efficient operation of the company, savings and safety.



To make sure we offer our Clients the best intralogistic system, we cooperate with research and development centers, including Poznan University of Technology. The accuracy of introduced solutions is confirmed by analyses and research. We trust numbers, therefore we measure the effectiveness of our trains and trucks.



Well-qualified specialists whose knowledge and involvement make you fully trust us. Combining science and modern technologies, our team flawlessly identifies problems and improves the daily work of our Clients’ production plants and warehouse halls.

Atres Intralogistics Engineering Team

An out-of-the-box approach to cooperation that brings you benefits.


  • You tell us what you need, we look for the best equipment. You can be sure that we will take care of your project from the beginning to the end. We will take care of everything, saving your nerves.

  • We take an individual approach to every order. We will match products to your needs and space, not the other way around. If necessary, we will create a dedicated intralogistic system just for you.

  • The proposed products and solutions will be supported by a thorough analysis and measurements of your halls and the entire production and logistic process. We work with numbers so that the equipment is perfectly adapted to your requirements.

  • We guarantee that we will take care of necessary corrections after the first tests of the created intralogistic system. We will adjust everything so that it runs like clockwork and works to your benefit.